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Curious & Creative

After the great success of the Curious & Creative pilot program last year, supported with funding from the Office of Regional Youth, the program is running again in 2023 with students from Vincentia High School.

Curious & Creative is a school re-engagement and pathways program developed and co-ordinated by BCR Communities and delivered in partnership with Firefly Uniting and Vincentia High School.

The program, as an identified need in the community, was created specifically for students in year 7 to 10 who were finding it challenging to get back into school life after the COVID lockdowns.

Three days a week, the students come to various BCR Communities local sites to engage in activities that are fun and challenging, and designed to build confidence, spark their creativity and create peer friendship and connection.

After the COVID lockdown, high schools across the country reported a higher number of students disengaging from school and experiencing both anxiety and depression. They felt overwhelmed in the school environment and this had a huge impact both on the young people and their parents who struggled to find solutions or assistance.

Amber McIntyre, whose daughter Emma-Mae participated in Curious & Creative last year, said the program was life-changing for the family.

“Since starting the program, Emma has really blossomed, her confidence has grown and she now has a friendship group that she can call her own.”

“It has been amazing to have her out of her bedroom and away from distractions and into something she is passionate about.”

The small group participate and learn in an environment that is safe and supportive, where they can find their confidence and explore opportunities to return to school or alternate learning pathways.

This term they are learning photography, ceramics and woodwork` skills, working together to build a bench seat that will be installed at the BCR Communities future youth specific POD site in Sanctuary Point.

If you would like to find out more about BCR Communities services phone 1300 222 748, or email at

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