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Carer Support

At BCR Communities we understand that while caring for someone is rewarding, it can also sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating. It is important to look after your own health and wellbeing and also be informed about what help is available to you as a carer.


BCR centre based respite

BCR Communities offers a small day-centre respite group tailored specifically for people living with dementia. The group meets every Monday from 9.30am to 2.30pm at the BCR Communities Paradise Cottage located at 16 Sanctuary Point Road, Sanctuary Point.

Our experienced staff provide care that is responsive and empathetic and aim to promote well-being with meaningful and fun activities. Morning tea and lunch is provided and clients feel supported in a comfortable and safe environment.

BCR Carer Support Group

BCR Communities Carer Support Group meets once a month on a Thursday afternoon for a cuppa and a chat. It is a relaxed and friendly environment where everybody has the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss challenges and support others.

The meetings are currently held

once a month at Paradise Cottage,

16 Sanctuary Point Road, from 1pm to 3pm.

There is no cost and all carers are welcome.

Upcoming Dates for 2024:

23 May

20 June

18 July

15 August

26 September

24 October

21 November

19 December


Other carer support 

Carer Gateway logo.jpg

Serviced by the Australian Government, the Carer Gateway provides emotional, practical and financial support for carers. Find out about counselling, tips and advice, peer support groups, financial help, coaching, emergency respite and other government support programs.

1800 422 737

Dementi Support Australia logo.jpg

Dementia Support Australia represents the 487,500 Australians living with dementia and their almost 1.6 million Australians carers. The website  has resources, information, links to counselling, the latest research and events. 

There is also a free national dementia helpline which you can call any time.

1800 699 799

"I love my husband and want to care for him but as his dementia progresses, I’m spending more and more time at home alone with him. While my friends and family are sympathetic they really don’t understand what I’m going through like the other carers in the support group.  It is so good to know that others are going through the same thing and get their advice and support. We also have a chat and a laugh together which helps."


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