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Home Maintenance Program

BCR Communities Home Maintenance Program services the Bay and Basin region, offering a friendly helping hand with a range of small home maintenance tasks and garden clean ups.

The focus of the service is on removing risks to health and safety and maintaining a home environment which supports your independence and wellness goals.

You might need to change a lightbulb but feel unsteady on a ladder, maybe you need to repair an old railing or have a path that is slippery with mould and mildew?

Our team will assess what needs to be done and then help you with all those minor maintenance jobs so that you can continue to live safely and independently in your own home.

The BCR Communities Home Maintenance Program is funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) so you will need to contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to access this service. 


“My garden is very important to me, it is what I love most about my home. Before BCR came it was such a mess that it was starting to feel really depressing looking at it. I feel so much better mentally now.”


BCR Communities Home Maintenance Program client Doreen sitting surrounded by plants, smiling and wearing black jumper with red embroided flowers
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