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Do you have an NDIS plan?


Whether your goal is working towards getting a job, living independently, learning new skills, socialising and making friends or just having fun, BCR Communities can support you to achieve it.

We take the time to really understand your interests, dreams and goals before tailoring a support plan that is just for you.

Here are just some examples of how we can support you to achieve your goals

Goal: Join the workforce

We can give you the support you need to learn specific employment skills like time-management, working safely (WHS), travel training and communication skills.

Goal: Improve my health and wellbeing

We can help you discover activities which will improve your fitness and have you feeling fantastic. It might be bushwalking, dancing, bowling or swimming..

Goal: Give back to my community

At the BCR Activities Hub you can work with our volunteers and staff on many projects that give back to our community.

Goal: Make new friends

You will meet lots of new people at the BCR Activities Hub and we can also support you to join fun activities, social groups and events in the community.

Goal: Increase my independence

BCR can support you to build the skills you need for daily living. Learn how to cook, mow the lawn, stick to a budget or use public transport.

Goal: Learn a new skill

From getting your L plates to playing music or hosting your own radio show, if there is a skill you want to learn, we can support you to master it.

"I am learning to play the guitar, plant in the garden, make things with wood, catch a fish and cook my own lunch on the BBQ. Next I want to learn the drums!"


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