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BCR Upcycled Clothes Party Ticks All the Boxes

Reducing clothes going to landfill, helping to ease the cost of living, and bringing the community together – the BCR Communities Upcycled Clothes Party was a success on many levels.

The Sanctuary Point Youth and Community Centre was filled today with locals sifting for treasure through racks of pre-loved and new clothes and shoes generously donated by the community and from retail outlets through charities Good360 and Thread Together.

There was no need for cash or credit cards with every attendee able to take home bags of clothes for free.

Mother of three, Tanya Williamson, was excited to find quality clothes for her children aged 10, nine and two-years-old.

“This is such a great event, we were here last year and it really helped,” Tanya said.

“We can donate clothes the kids have grown out of and get some things we need back without having to pay anything - it’s a full circle.”

“It is especially good at this time when everyone is struggling with the cost of living.”

BCR Community Services Team Leader Karen Chambers, said her team were motivated to hold the event because of how many people in the Bay and Basin were finding it hard to afford even the basics, and the staggering statistics around landfill.

“Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of discarded clothing is sent to landfill in Australia each year, and only a fraction is recycled,” Karen said.

“Synthetic clothes can then take hundreds of years to decompose.”

“It is such a waste, especially when at the same time so many people are struggling to afford the clothes they need for their family.”

“That is why the Upcycled Clothes Party just makes sense - everybody leaves with clothes they need, it helps the environment, people feel good knowing their donated clothes are helping others in the community, and it’s fun seeing what you can find.”

“We have a wonderful community that love to pay it forward. Hosting a community clothes swap means we can have a sustainable fashion event. At a time when money is really tight this is a thrifty way to update the wardrobe, grab some essentials and help fight textile waste.

“This event also allows us to check in with families, see how people are faring and if we can offer any additional supports.”

BCR Communities will be donating left over clothes to various local not-for-profit organisations so they can be distributed to vulnerable people in the community including those experiencing homelessness.

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