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Life Changing Beds from Home Care Package

Hard as boards, dipping in the middle and dating from last century – Adele and Frank Bartolo knew their beds were not helping their health conditions but saving thousands for new ones seemed impossible.

“We exist from one pension to the next, and we sometimes have to go without because if you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it,” Adele said.

“Everything is so expensive now and there are some things that you end up neglecting when you have a home.”

Switching to new Home Care Packages has been life changing for the Oak Flats couple. An assessment by an occupational therapist quickly concluded that new electric beds would be essential in managing their hip, back and neck pain.

They are now thrilled with their new matching king single beds which provide a comfortable night’s sleep and can be adjusted to relieve pressure and alleviate joint pain and swelling.

“When we got our new beds it felt like we had won Lotto,’ Adele said.

“I couldn’t believe I could sleep in a bed like that, it’s something we’ve never had. At our age getting something as lovely as that, would never have happened without the package.”

After being concerned they may have no choice but to leave the house they love, Frank and Adele said their new home care packages have been a big relief.

“We are also now able to get our gutters done and the windows cleaned - it’s like a dream for us. We have thought many times that we have to move but we love our house and where it is. We want to stay living here for as long as we can.”

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