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Finding Fulfilment Through Volunteering

When Michelle Riley signed up to be a volunteer with BCR Communities she did so for the sole purpose of giving back to her community and helping others.

What she wasn’t expecting to find from the experience was a renewed sense of purpose, a boost to her self-confidence, the chance to learn new skills and real social connection.

“I moved down here five years ago and when COVID-19 hit I found myself out of a paid job and that affected my self-esteem and mental health,” Michelle said.

“I decided to volunteer not for my own self-gratification but because I really wanted to help other people and volunteering is something I have just always done.”

“It has been such a great experience for me not only mentally but also socially because when I moved down here I didn’t really know anyone and now through BCR I have met lots of people and feel connected to the community.”

One of Michelle’s favourite volunteering roles is providing social support to Sanctuary Point local Rell French.

Rell, who herself has volunteered all her life, initially found it hard to be on the receiving end of social support but now can’t imagine life without her visits from Michelle.

“Michelle is absolutely wonderful, I honestly don’t know what I would do without her,” Rell said.

“She is kind and thoughtful and understanding and really listens to me.”

If you are interested in joining the BBCR team as a volunteer call 1300 222 748 or email We will take the time to get to know you and discover your interests, talents, skills and goals before finding the perfect role for you.

Two BCR female volunteers laughing together
BCR Communities volunteers Michelle and Rell

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