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Cushioning Grief with Friendship and Connection - BCR Communities Wellness Classes

Even though she enjoyed a very fulfilling career as a schoolteacher, 70-year-old Robin Gunter felt her life really began in 1995 when she became engaged to Huxley Gunter.

It was a deep and enduring love with the pair sharing a passion for teaching, creating, sailing, travelling and adventures.

“Hux was the most wonderful and fascinating person I have ever met and we adored each other.” Robin said.

After getting married, Huxley moved to the Bay and Basin where Robin was teaching at Huskisson Public School. At the same time, the busy pair were running a beef cattle farm on their property out past Crookwell.

Their life together took a turn when Huxley felt severe chest pains and suffered a heart attack. Thankfully, after open heart surgery and rehabilitation, he made a full recovery, but the experience made the couple think about what they really wanted and Robin decided to retire from teaching.

 “It made us realise that life is very precious,” Robin said. “We decided to reduce our farm commitments, take things more slowly, pursue new interests and reduce stress.”

“We joined the local sailing club and learned how to sail which was so much fun. In winter we would travel in our caravan with our much loved dog – a gorgeous Maremma.

“Our lives were filled with happiness. Every day was a celebration of life and it could not have been more wonderful.”

On a cold morning in July 2017, Huxley and Robin were enjoying a cup of tea together when Huxley suddenly and unexpectedly suffered a massive heart attack. Tragically, he couldn’t be revived and Robin’s life was completely upended. The grief Robin experienced was overwhelming and she is thankful for the close friends and relatives who have generously given their caring support.

Last year, Lucy, one of those close friends, encouraged Robin to join the BCR Wellness Classes run by Bek and Gabby from Jervis Bay Physiotherapy – a decision she said was life changing.

 “I am so glad I joined. The other members and I feel that our lives have become more positive through the social connections we are making, as well as the actual exercise classes. The group has become so strong now that we join together for coffee once a week with much chat and laughter,” Robin said.

“Because of this social connection many of us are now also attending social group activities and bus trips organised by BCR Communities.

“From my life’s experiences, I have learned to appreciate every day and every experience and enjoy amazing friends.”

BCR Communities would like to welcome Robin as a volunteer member of our newly created BCR Consumer Advisory Body. The group will meet four times a year to give feedback on the strengths of current BCR programs and suggest possibilities for improvement or additional services or programs. If you are interested in joining the Advisory body, please email

a group of eight women at a table at a cafe smiling
Robin Gunter (left) with friends from the BCR Wellness Class

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