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BCR Cottage Respite Gives Care to Carers

Like many of the 2.65 million Australians who are caring for a loved one, 67-year-old Vicki Heidemann’s progression to full-time carer of her mother Rosalie, was a gradual one.

Initially, 89-year-old Rosalie lived independently in a granny flat and only needed occasional support but as her dementia progressed she moved into the house to live with Vicki and now needs constant care.

It’s a role Vicki is happy to take on for her much loved Mum but while caring for Rosalie is rewarding, it can also be physically and mentally draining and Vicki has found that they both benefit from having a regular break from each other.

A four day stay at BCR Communities’ Paradise Respite Cottage gives Vicki the time to herself she needs to relax and recharge while Rosalie has a chance to get out of the house and socialise.

“Mum really enjoys her stays at Paradise Cottage because she has always been a people person, she loves to have a chat and has always had a lot of friends,” Vicki said.

“At the moment she isn’t really leaving the house much so going to the cottage gives her a chance to be with other people and have a break from being just with me all the time. Last time she stayed with her friend Robyn which she loved.”

While Vicki said she initially felt guilty about using respite, she has since realised that taking care of herself makes her a better carer.

“I know Mum will be well looked after when she is at Paradise Cottage and the time apart gives me a chance to meet up with friends, spend time with my daughters and grandkids and get things done around the house,” Vicki said.

“It’s a chance to rest and reset.”

To find out more about how BCR Communities can support you with respite, phone 1300 222 748 or email

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