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BCR is a Finalist for National Award

BCR Communities in partnership with ExSitu are finalists in the ‘Improving Consumer Choice’ category for the 2022 innovAGEING National Awards.

These awards showcase organisations increasing their client-focused initiatives and improving quality services to older Australians. It acknowledges the positive impact our new values-based care plans are having on our community members lives. We are one of only four finalists for this category from a very competitive pool of 45 applicants nationally. Our submission was in partnership with ExSitu, and acknowledges the work we are doing together rolling out the innovative ExSitu tool to our in-home clients. The tool captures the core values and lifestyle wishes of each person through an online card sorting process.

Individual values-based Advanced Care Plans are then generated, which includes important information about what really matters to them, and how they want their care to proceed if their health deteriorates.

Having a meaningful Advanced Care Plan is of particular comfort to 88-year-old Margaret Sharman who has lived alone in her own home for the last 35 years and has no immediate family.

“I am totally alone, I don’t have children or brothers and sisters but I am fortunate to have very, very good friends,” Margaret said.

“I love my home and I am a very independent person. I have had to look after myself and make all my own decisions for many, many years.

“Being able to make my own Advanced Care Plan means I can continue to make my own decisions right up to the end.

“ExSitu was easy to use and now I have a document that I can give to my GP, or the hospital or my friend which outlines how I want to be cared for if anything should happen to me.”


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