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BCR Brings Garden Back to Life

For Sanctuary Point resident Doreen Maurice, one of the greatest pleasures in her life is sitting out in her garden surrounded by her plants and flowers and the variety of birdlife they attract.

With Doreen now 84-years-old and her husband Stuart 91-years-old maintaining their beautiful garden has become increasingly difficult and this year’s high volume of rain quickly turned their sanctuary into an overgrown jungle with slippery pathways making it difficult to access safely.

Fortunately Doreen is part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) which meant she could access the BCR Communities Home Maintenance Program.

She was thrilled when a team of staff and volunteers turned up armed with gardening equipment and a power cleaner and got to work.

“I was so happy when they came, my garden is very important to me, it is what I love most about my home,” Doreen said.

“It’s a lovely feeling to have it looking nice again, before BCR came it was such a mess that it was starting to feel really depressing looking at it. I feel so much better mentally now.”

For Doreen and Stuart, it is support like this that allows them to keep living happily and independently in the home they love.

“I really, really want to stay living in my own home and so does Stuart, so that we continue to have autonomy over our lives” Doreen said.

“It is reassuring knowing that BCR Communities has this service that can help with the garden and the house so we can keep living here.”

If you would like to find out more about the BCR Home Maintenance Program or would like to join our team as a volunteer please phone 1300 222 748 or email

Senior woman sitting in her garden
BCR Home Maintenance Participant Doreen Maurice enjoying her garden

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